What is IAMF Consulting?


IAMF Consulting is a group of senior consultants specializing in diverse fields of business. The acronym stands for International Accounting Management and Finance Consulting.

Our primary area of expertise is in international and domestic accounting, set-ups, turnarounds, and operational and managerial assessments.

What Does IAMF Consulting Do?

We will come to you, analyze your operation, and deliver a written assessment of what works well and what needs change.

The assessment will detail, among other things:

  • How each facet of your operation is currently functioning
  • Existing or lacking measurements needed to gauge profitability of each operation
  • The quality and usefulness of existing financial statements
  • GAAP compliance
  • The mind set of existing management and whether there is a need for mentoring, training, or restructuring

If you want to open an operation in a foreign country we will facilitate the process for you. We have extensive experience successfully setting up operations in all continents. Included in our set-up procedures are detailed reviews of how to minimize offshore taxes and maximize foreign profit repatriation. We can provide expatriate strategies on tax equalization and process administration.

We provide companies with part time or full time "CFO" services, custom fit to their needs and budget.

We also have expertise in human resources, web site design and development, and IT system design assessments. Our consultants have extensive experience in these business specialties and will provide your operation with high quality technical and operational assessments.

For example, in IT system design assessments we:

  • Assess/Create operating procedures, standards, and documentation
  • Audit electronic security
  • Audit network and operating system controls
  • Review/Create business continuity procedures
  • Review/Create disaster recovery procedures

All of our consulting services address the requirements under the Sarbanes - Oxley regulations.

IAMF Consulting History

IAMF Consulting began in August of 2000. At that point in time Ismael Lezcano returned to his private consulting practice after having spent several years successfully building a division of a global specialty company based in Stamford, CT.

How is IAMF Consulting different from other consulting firms?

IAMF Consulting uses a multi-faceted, holistic approach to its investigative analysis of the financial, legal, accounting, and managerial conditions of a client's business.

We use a common sense perspective to understand how and why an operation got where it is. In view of the client's goals, we extrapolate what changes are needed to take place in order to achieve those goals.

We perform within the scope and budget of each assignment. We offer informal progress reports on our operational and managerial assessments on a periodic basis; weekly, daily, sometimes even on an hourly basis, until our report is finished.

Use Our Web Site and Contact US!

We invite you to peruse our web site and call us to learn more about how our firm can move your organization forward.

Thank you!


65 High Ridge Road • Stamford, CT 06905 USA • ismaellezcano@aol.com